Canada Invites Huge Number of Migrants by 2020!

Canada intends to welcome a million new settlers in next couple of years, to meet the country’s labour market needs. Canada will welcome around 3,30,000 to 3,40,000 new settlers by the end of year 2020 as announced in its latest multi-year immigration plan.

Canadian government says that this multi-year plan will profit all Canadians since immigrants will contribute to the development and advancement of the Canadian economy. Canada’s immigration framework is very reputed and well sought after. It provides people from different countries to find many open opportunities and live with grace and peace without any discrimination or other odd experience.

In the start of 2019, the government of Canada and the majority of provincial governments opened the gate for skilled people inviting over 40,000 potential candidates through different immigration and Provincial programs of Canada. Canada offers numerous ways to settle down in this nation. If you are searching for the best time to move to the Canada or the best way to settle in Canada, then you can get in touch with the immigration consultants in Delhi- TCWW.

Canada has a great economy. It is said that one out of five Canadians is an immigrant residing in the country. Canada is great for skilled young workers, who are capable enough to lift the economy. Canada offers various streams as per the need and demand of the immigrants. The most active immigration streams to move to Canada quickly are – the skilled worker class, the Business class and Investor class and the Student class.

Immigrants with expert credentials can get PR to Canada. There are openings in many Canadian sectors such as Healthcare, IT, Engineering and other. The Canadian government, after seeing the work capability of candidates as per National Occupations Classification (NOC) list, invites skilled population to be a part of the economy. This can be explained in detail by any good immigration consultants in Delhi.

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The Express Entry System is the most sorted out point-based Immigration System for skilled workers. Through this framework, Canada guarantees that the best and the most capable workers are invited to the country and granted Permanent Residency in Canada. The applications for PR are taken care through three streams namely The Federal Skilled Worker Program, The Federal Skilled Trades Program and the Canadian Experience Class.

All the Canadian provinces also have Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to meet the local demand of the job market. The Quebec Skilled Worker is one such prevalent PNP program. Other PNPs are Nova Scotia PNP, Manitoba PNP, Saskatchewan PNP, PEI PNP, Ontario PNP, Alberta PNP, etc.

The Canadian Experience Class is a different stream than rest of the skilled streams as it considers only those applicants who have tasted the Canadian life earlier while on a study visa or work visit visa and has the qualification now to apply for Permanent Residency. Canada also offers Permanent Residency to families for those already living in Canada.

Other than the skilled and family visas, Canadian Government also offers Start-up Visa for those with business plans to set up a firm in the nation with the required amount of investment as given by the authorities. The eligibility check for business visas are a bit complicated and thus getting in touch with a good immigration consultants in Delhi is advisable before starting with the process.

Then there are opportunities for students on study visa in Canada as well. Canada is home to the most successful and reputed universities. There are many esteemed colleges seeking admittance of Indian students. Since Canada treats the students from these colleges as the potential work power to help the economy later, the students enrolled in here stands a decent opportunity to win Permanent Residency in Canada soon after the student visa.

If all these programs interest you, then this is the right time to get started with your process! Call us now or visit our office to get one on one assistance.

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